Born Regular is a serif typeface and includes a total of 262 glyphs: Uppercase, Lowercase, Alternative glyhps, normal Ligatures, Uppercase numerals and symbols and punctuation marks.

Born originates from the Barcelona districts by the shore of the Mediterranean. It brings together the old and the traditional, as well as the multicultural style and new trends, blending these into its narrow and winding streets, creating a balance between tradition and modernity. This is a Mediterranean type which is open to new times.

It is certainly a lovely font with the touches of old and new era. Having characteristics such as the calligraphic descender of the uppercase letter Q and the beautiful structure of the numeral characters makes it suitable for designs such as invitations, posters and leaflets. The font can also produce great branding and logos.

The beauty of the font is also its lowercase characters which make it perfect for long text for newspapers, magazines, websites as well as blogs.

Furthermore, the font was created by Carlos de Toro,a Graphic and Type designer.