Inspired by a vinyl cover remnant in an old home built in 1983, a simple geometric thin line and four dots in patterning the design is ready to bring the groovy feeling to your graphic needs. The design has an antiquated style which represents the boogie euphoria in that era.

A geometric design features dimensional edge with four crossing dots in the middle. Everybody will feel the energy of 80s dance floor after seeing 6 colors that available for in this pattern. You can play different color on the line and the dots, and make a groovy graphic design like sparkling disco light and upbeat electro music.

Though the design comes from the past, the beautiful shape and color combination is timeless for today’s trend. Herewith this pattern will equip your designing process a versatile pattern for any concepts. Just download the file and apply it to the layout or for coloring the object. You may also add this for your decoration, but this can be very feasible for other design utilities from graphic design, hand crafted, and animation.

Phil Goodwin successfully makes us retrieve our memory back to 80s in this mesmerising artworks. Please pay a visit to his page in looking for other selections.