This set of banana images in yellow is more “yellow” than the color itself. Its not simply a color, but a color with signifying meaning. Repetitive three bars of banana with all yellow color both the fruit and background. Using Banana! pattern will not give you just a box of yellow color, adding banana object helps interpreted the vision and wider context. Banana encompasses fresh and joyful feeling then the design will visualize it.

Growing interest in colorful design responded by Banana pattern in a fabulous way. This pattern definitely great in shape, and feasible for any design application. Using it for background, you will get a good frame for displaying fun concept. This pattern is also good coloring for any object. You may also combine other patterns with banana to display a cloud of happiness towards your graphic design. After all, designing a cheerful graphic will take easier by using this pattern.

What a useful artwork from Christoper Jones! Please visit his other works, there must be a lot of beautiful works of him.