Simple design menu is the most preferable for today’s consumer. Instead of using composite images ornament, your offer will be packed with a simple lettering format comprises of brief description, ingredient, nutrition, and price. People visits restaurant or cafe to grab meals and hangout, then comfort looks menu will be their good impression and tasteful experience before literally savor the taste.

This template is a set of menu in page filled in symmetric flanks with the use of simple typography. High contrasting dark color applied in the font over the white background has an excellent legibility for the reader. Your signature dishes will be presented in a very informative way, and the composition generate enjoyable visibility. This design will feasible for restaurant or cafe which provides the sense of calming ambiance and elegant-modern decoration. Perfectly suits for the coffee shop, restaurant, library cafe, and beer house and other places.

After constructing your place in a good spot, implemented good concept for the decoration, now the menu design will be your final shot. Please grab this template and apply it to your menu and play it as your need in Adobe Illustrator. You can adapt any menu that you have, adjust the color, and any actions depend on your need.