Today, we publish another great set of infographic psd design elements for designers.

Infographics ui psd elements

This free photoshop file is version 1.2 of infographic elements that is ideal for web designers and application designers to make use of in their design projects. The set include a wide collection of infographic elements such as charts, graphs, pie charts, line charts, map pointers, business analysis charts and graphics, statistics, percentage graphics and more. Every element within this psd free file stands alone and can be used independently. Simply more the element you want to edit to your file by dragging and dropping it, then use the layer styles to customize it to fit the styles and colors of the project you are working on. You can use the elements as they are as well without customization. Some of the elements are vector shapes and others are smart objects; both can be edited easily with some photoshop skills. To edit a smart object, simply double click on it to open it in illustrator. Changes in illustrator will appear instantly in your psd file after you save it.