A modern futuristic redesign of Google; the theme can be downloaded in psd format.
This is a fun project where i decided to redesign the homepage of the Google website. Who doesn’t know google, the website with number 1 ranking in the world. Google is the place you visit almost everyday many times. I describe it like the network of roads that takes us to different places very fast. Going back to design,  i did not make big changes in structure of the website, rather; i just tried to make the elements and overall look of the website more modern and attractive. Giving it the up-to-date look & semi flat feeling. I also changes the white color to dark gray one. Maybe google should add a customization option that allow every user to choose his theme & colors since this website is part of our lives and should merge with our style just like our home, phone, car, etc…

Google Website (Psd)

I Provided the psd file which you can download and use this ui elements included in this theme as part of any of your projects.

Google Website Redesign Dark (Psd)