A psd photoshop built iPhone 5s mockup in its gold elegant color.

Yesterday, apple released two new phones; the iPhone S & the iPhone C. Apple just did a slight modification to the design of the iPhone 5. This happens at the start button where it no more contains this white square. It is now just a flat solid color like the phone body, but it has a stroke like shiny / glossy border around it of its color. I just took my old iPhone 5 Psd design and modified it in terms of colors and shapes to fit this new apple iPhone 5 s product.

Well personally, i think the new design is more elegant than the old one. Although it is just a small modification, but i really think it makes a difference. Maybe the apple team did this to make it work with their new finger print security feature that differentiate the new iPhone from the old one.

Enjoy Downloading this freebie and wait for my new iPhone 5 s Releases in Different colors and also the Iphone C.