A flat vector showcase mock up to display your artwork; includes an a stylized mobile phone, notepad and monitor.

An illustration design of each element and combined a nice showcase mock-up. You can use it to display anything from websites to logos to layouts. Even 3d rendering and interior designs can be presented in a nice way using this mock up template. Each illustrated vector device is a separate object which means that you can create your own presentation by simply re positioning the devices. You can use each device alone as well. The white diagonal shadow is also editable; you can play with it , change color or even remove it completely. You can make it a gradient shadow for example instead of flat solid color.

In modern design, everything is going towards simplicity, and i think that beauty is to convey a message by the simplistic way possible but with reserving beauty. That is why designers go abstract. Real looking designs can be nice, but stylized abstract ones can make better impression.

File is less than 1 Mb Illustrator format, you can download it in seconds. Only basic illustrator skills are needed to edit this graphic.