Full resolution vector shapes made tablet retina mockup template in photoshop psd format.

Its a notepad.. Its tablet, the most famous notepad ever. Today, our psd giveaway is a premium tablet design with the famous diagonal shadow effect. This graphic is just perfect in terms of everything. Layers are constructed carefully with maximum attention to details. The tablet is black colored while you can change the color to whatever you want. This item is even editable in terms of dimensions as you can change the dimensions of the notepad device with having to distort it. This is possible since the layers are not rasterized, they are all vector shapes that can even be edited in illustrator.


Our tablet can even be used as an icon and you can export it to jpg, png, gif or any other format. To edit this graphic, only basic photoshop skills are needed and iam also going to give you some hints.

Once you download the file and open it, go to layers, point to “your design” layer which is on the top of all layers. Inside this layer you will find a layer called “Notepad”, right click on this layer and choose edit content. Another photoshop window will open with with the layers and effects of the notepad. Here you can play with the dimensions of the tablet if needed, change colors or anything else.

Again right click the top layer in the file and select “edit content” one more time, a 3rd window will open with the website layout on the screen of the tablet. Here you can just paste your design and it will appear on the main design just like magic.
tablet black