A 3D map Photoshop action to convert a flat map to a three dimensional isometric stylish one a single click.

Today’s psd freebies is the biggest so far, it took time and hard work to finish this for our visitors. As you see in the thumb image above, this cool Photoshop action will transform any vector smart object shape to a 3d isometric one; although meant for maps, you can convert anything to this isometric 3D nice effect. This might include fonts, logos or anything else. To be honest, this specific freebie was inspired by another artist’s work which we have seen on the web. Although the concept is similar, all styles, maps, objects, trees & extras are our own unique style.
So here’s how it works :

First, you should install all the actions, styles and patterns to Photoshop. To do that, just open Adobe Photoshop and drag your styles, actions and patterns into it. This will automatically install your stuff into Photoshop and you will be able to see your installed actions in the action tab, styles in the style tab and patterns in the layer style options under pattern tab.

Now, after your have had all the above needed elements installed, you can open a new Photoshop document with a recommended size of 2000 px wide and a resolution of 300 dpi. Now import your vector map into the opened document or just paste it as a vector shape or as a smart object. Make sure to rename the layer which you have your map on to “map” and make sure you have it selected or highlighted.  Finally, go to actions ; choose one of the actions available which for now are Snow Map, Desert Map & Grass Map. Select the one you need and click play.
Yep ! Your map is ready.. Pretty cool no!

Finally, lets decorate our map. To do that, locate the folder called buildings in the downloaded files. Inside this folder your will find building, villa, house, modern house, airport, trees, map pins, map info bubble texts, clouds and other elements that will help you design and decorate your map. All elements and objects have a transparent background and are designed in the same perspective angle of your map. When you place those elements on your map the will fit smoothly and appear as part of it without any need to use any effect or blending or color change. Of course, you can do adjustments according to your taste and design needs.

Isometric maps are used in games like strategy games such as Generals, Troy and in fun games like this famous happy farm on Facebook and many other. Our map might be useful for many other stuff such as presenting your location on your brochure or website in a cool way instead of a boring flat Google map.

You can even create a fast master plan of your real estate projects to give your clients an idea of how your buildings will be distributed on your land.

This version of Mapitta is not final, it is always update-able. Will will be adding some more buildings, trees, map styles, roads and many other elements on a weekly bases. Please make sure you visit this page and download the latest elements we will be posting. Enjoy 🙂

Download The following to Files, the first include the action, styles and patterns while the second include the isometric objects such as buildings and trees.