A collection of flat ribbon designs with variations in colors and styles ; vector material downloadable file opens with illustrator.
Taking a break from our previous psd photoshop posts, today our giveaway is rather a vector file purely constructed in Adobe illustrator. It is a big set of wide range and styles of ribbons. We kept the effects and colors minimal to give you a chance to create your own. Our point is to give you the shape of each ribbon which usually takes the biggest amount of time to design. When styled further, the styles would rarely match the style and mood of your project, where you might use this ribbon. For that, you can build your styles on the basic free shape we are providing.

Vector Banner Ribbons (Ai, Eps)

Like we always mention, ribbons are very famous because of the wide options where you might use them. In my case, ribbons give me a lot of design solutions so many times, specially in web design. An example is when i created this freebie, it automatically came to my mind to use a ribbon for the header title for my design as you can see in thumb image above ! I also use them in creating banners, specially vector ones.

Vector Black Ribbons (Ai, Eps)
In real life, ribbons are usually made of cloth, it might be a good idea to try to texture on of these ribbons with a fabric  materiel. Some light gradients and shadows would give your ribbon a more 3 dimensional appearance. If you are looking for psd already styled ribbons with patterns and shadows, you can take a look at our previous posts. We actually have a couple of such designs here on our blog.

Above in the file, you can find the color palette which i have used in sample color provided. Enjoy.

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