20+ free psd layered labels and tags for business offers, shopping prices, portfolio decoration and other design use.

Retro Psd Labels

This is probably the biggest and highest quality free set of retro labels you can find on the web. Around 20 of highly details professional hand made psd labels are given for for free. If you take a look at the the designed labels, you will see that we tried to give you as many varieties as we can in term of shapes, colors, textures, styles, patterns, fonts and more. We wanted you to be able to use this set of labels in wide range of projects. Since design is all about taste, what might appear appealing to you inst necessarily that appealing to someone else. In this manner, a variety of options are the solution to attract everyone.

Labels are used mostly in web design today, they can be used to decorate your website in a smart way. They can be used as pricing labels as you can see in some of the examples above where price appear in the middle of the label and a bar code underneath. The can be also used as fashion labels, where you can add the logo or brand name of the item on the label, you can see this in the orange label in the middle. Moreover, you can feature some promotional offers on those labels, just like you do with psd badges. For this as well, you can see a couple of labels that present a discount on prices for example. You can also see labels emphasizing premium quality and other many examples. A little different graphic of these is the button labels; here your label is a button as well.

Because these psd graphic elements where made with photoshop and imported from illustrator in vector shapes, any change you need to do either to colors or to any other design element is a peace of cake ! Scaling and exporting to high resolution is easy as well.

Fonts Used :

– Novecento Wide ( Download )

– Wisdom Script Ai ( Click here to download this font )

Enjoy 🙂

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