Vector free Info-graphics including charts, maps, graphics, icons, timelines, layers and other data visual graphics.

Infographics is about data visualization. It is a way to show your numbers in term of graphics, charts and other visual drawings. It is usually used in statistics, business plans, feasibility studies, web analytic and more.

Make things clearer through this huge set of infographic elements. Along, we provided a set of more than 30 icons that can be also used in your designs. The use of those data graphics facilitates understanding for you audience. It us surely easier to understand ideas and specially numbers in term of graphics instead of words and numbers. For example in a business plan study for a company profit, a simple graphic would clearly convey the idea of increasing profit over a certain period of time. Before they said, a pic worth thousand word. and so are infographics.

Dark Infographics

Dark Version



This is pure illustrator file which means 100 vector elements. Each graphic, elements, icon or whatever included in this free file is separate and ready to be used for all your design needs.

I think you will not find another free or even not free vector file as neat, clear and rich as this one. Expect another release of a  psd version of this with textures and patterns added for web use. This will be given away soon here at and always for free.

Note : To avoid scaling problems make sure your select all elements then go to Objects > Expand Appearence, also make sure you go Objects >Path > Outline Strokes if you want to scale strokes with your elements.

Enjoy 🙂


Premium Version