A set of free retro badges brought to you buy ” blugraphic “. This psd freebie is another awesome psd in the collection of free graphics at our website.

These psd badges are a little different than those badges we have had in our previous posts. Where actually trying to publish psd badges for our website visitors because those designs are actually relatively more wanted and more downloaded. These badges are white ones that can be placed over photos, packages, on posters, brochures and even business cards. White but can be colored to whatever you want of course, if you have a light background and you need you badges to be black, its extremely easy to do so with the vectors shapes inside Photoshop  Yes these badges are made of vector shapes and not smart objects. If you don’t know the difference between smart objects and vector shapes, i will tell you. As both vector shapes and smart objects can be scaled to size without losing quality. However, in vector shapes you can change the shape itself via manipulating and changing the vector points within these shapes. However on the contrary, in smart objects you cant do so. That’s why vector shapes are better and more wanted.


Lets give your same ideas on where you can use these white badges.
– Can be used as a logo for your website, company and agency.

– Can be used in a Banner design

– Can be used for packaging logo design.

– Can be placed as watermarks on your photos.


Fonts Used

Two fonts are used in these vintage retro badges.

– Homestead Display, which can be download at this link ~ Click to Download

– Lavanderia Sturdy, which can be download at this link ~ Click to Download


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