26 textured psd badges with a green leaf inside; representing nature, freshness and echo friendliness.

Organic Psd Badges

Organic Psd Badges


If you have some product that is made from nature and you need a badge to place over to convey this, this psd freebie is just perfect. A wide range of different style badges that will fit any of your layouts. Whether a website, brochure, poster or any of your other designs. These psd badges have different shapes, textures and layers. Almost all of them have this cute green leaf inside, but in different layer settings. Every psd badge have a text that you can edit easily, change the font and everything.

Before we released a set of modern badges and people were asking for more like these, therefor, we decided to make this big design freebie upon your requests and wait for more badges to come.

In terms of design, 3 colors where chosen : yellow, gray, black & green. Some badges have a ribbon like elements with text inside. Some have rounded edges, some have a circled shape and other a square shape. Some have stars around and some are completely different.

Like always, all the design resources are made of re sizable vector shapes; this allow maximum editable possible for beginners and professional.

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