A full layered photoshop psd file of a shopping bag. A marketing and advertising related psd freebie.

Today, our psd free file is a a blue shopping bag with a rounded on sale tag hanging from the bag’s robe. In terms of design implementation, this bag will work as an icon for web or as a part of any of your design homework.  It was made with attention to every pixel. It has a sort of a feminine texture and the bag have a turn inside outside at the top to make it look like a real shopping bag.

If you have an online shop, our bag can work as your shopping cart. In this case, the bag available is empty, with some editing you can fill it with some stuff and make another status of the bag as it is when someone have stuff in it. the psd bag is totally scaleable which will make any adaption to your website absolutely possible.

Regarding colors, an overlay layer was placed above the bag and thus, any intention to change colors is a peace of cake. All you have to do is to select this top layer and change the hues and saturation. Further, the bag is totally made of vector shapes except for some shadows. Any change of size, scale, proportions is absolutely easy even for Photoshop beginners.

If you need any help don’t hesitate to mention in a comment or give me an email shot. Enjoy