A psd slipped header ribbon for your website to place your logo and tagline.

Our freebie for today is a one you can place on your website header menu, a simple background for your logo that will make your brand popup. Its a way to give your logo some emphasis and grab the users attention to this area. It is simply a curved ribbon that goes above your main v horizontal menu. Slipped at the edges of the menu underneath it the same like how a a cloth tuck above a widow on a bed. This 3d effect will make the whole Psd composition more interesting.

Dark Version of the Psd Header Logo Background

Header Ribbon Logo - Dark

Header Ribbon Logo – Dark


Layers and vector shapes will make this Psd freebies easy to edit, update re-size, recolor and re-everything ! With your Photoshop skills and your web design talent, make this fit your website, template, WordPress theme and your apps.

The free psd file contains as the thumbnail shows; 3 styles of these psd header logo banners. Actually the three freebies are the same , but with different colors. Green , blue and purple are the 3 colors used and you can add as much more colors as you wish. The menu color in the sample psd is white that have a 3d style and can be also edited and colored as any other editable photoshop file.

I usually create my designs in illustrator then copy to photoshop where i add styles, patterns and textures. Enjoy Downloading this psd freebies and feel free to use it in any way inside any project. Enjoy 🙂