A free fully layered psd weather widget that you can develop and add to your website or blog.

A weather forecast widget is simply used to display the weather in a your city or in any place in the world on you website. It shows the user weather its cloudy, rainy, sunny or any other weather condition whether today, tomorrow or even 10 days ahead.

You might wonder what is the use of displaying weather on your blog or website such this psd one am offering. Well, as many other widgets, that might have nothing to do with subject of your website, this psd weather widget and other widgets will be a big plus to your website as many users will like that they can know the weather while they are browsing your website, specially those who are addicted to your blog or website and spend much of their time there. Moreover, some users will be coming to your website specially to know the weather and these means more traffic and more clients. Why would they do that while there are all those complicated weather websites everywhere, the answer is in the question, maybe because they are complicated ! & some people like simplicity, they need to know the weather in a simple icon manner and to surf and get lost in these boring data of wind speed and marine stuf, etc, etc..

Now more balbalbing.. its time to download this weather forecast psd freebies and enjoy slicing, htmling and programming it. You might make it a WordPress widget and sell it one get rich 😛