Today’s freebies is a Huge ui kit that is inspired by nature, it can fit most restaurant, cafe’s and other food and beverage related themes & websites.

I choose to name this kit kitchy, from “kitchen”. I also have in mind releasing a template of the same name and from the same ui elements that i will offer for free as usual.

Back to this kitchy ui kit, it is probably the biggest UI kit i release. I tried to include almost every necessary element in web design the you designers might need in creating any website using the kitchy interface. Of these elements i used; Main menu, buttons in two colors and in 3 different states, search field, email subscription field, two styles of ribbons, two styles of social icons, a big badge, a calender, a  login form, a comment form, a preloader, a range slider, a simple slider, a media player, check boxes, radio buttons, quote, tags, and much more..

I choosed 4 colors which i personally think that they combine beautifully and also relate to the kitchen theme. These colors are green with rgb code : #a3be6d, Brown #725f4e, gray #CCCCCC & yellow #f5b50c.

The ui kit is fully vector based except for the photos of course, all the elements are scaleable to any size in the word. you can print on a paper and wrap the earth with it. The only little problem with this ui kit is that the layers are unnamed, this can be easily done by you guys, iam sorry. Enjoy 🙂