Our free psd file for today is a website pagination in available in light & dark versions to suit any website.

A pagination is simply the set of buttons that allow a user to go from one page to another on the website. It is usually needed when there is posts that cannot fit in one web page. In the internet world, web pages should have the minimal possible size to make loading faster and for other search engine friendliness issues.

When a page is faster, the user will like more your website and so do search engines. one of the most important issues in web design and development is a website speed, and to improve the speed of any web page, you can load all your stuff and web content in one web page or else it will take forever to load. Therefore, a pagination is a must to split your content into several pages.

This freebie can be integrated in any website as it is or with your personal touch applied. It consist of a a next button, a previous button and in between there is the buttons that contains the pages by numbers.. There’s also dots button that is used to make big jumps between pages instead of one by one.

The freebies also contains a hover state of the pagination buttons as well as the pressed state for easier programming. Enjoy and Share 🙂