A simple search box to be integrated in your website and allow your users to search within your site.

Our search field comes on a dark background, it has 3 states ; normal state, hover and autocomplete state each illustrated on the image with little arrows aside. A search box is essential in every website as it serves as a shortcut for many users that allow them to jump directly to the part they are looking for by simply typing a title and hitting the search button. Search boxes saves their time instead of trying to guess where the info they are looking for is located and have to navigate through every page looking for this information.

The special add to this search field is the autocomplete that is also designed and ready to be sliced, htmled and programed. Autocomplete is simply a keyword guesser that guesses the keyword you are looking for and help you with an accurate spell of this keyword and also saves your time by auto completing it.

This file was made by adobe photoshop ; like always, fully layered and all vector shapes based. Enjoy & Share 🙂