Our free psd today is a “buy button” to be added to your checkout online cart.

A nice textured Buy Button with a cart icon and the amount of money to paid in big nice font to make it clear for the user the amount he is paying. Merchant websites will find this nice checkout button a perfect plus to be added. Today, buying and shipping products online is becoming very popular and almost a daily action of many of the people in the world. To do that and to buy online, many website that are famous and others that are not famous facilitate this procedure. These websites allow users to navigate and search between a list of products in different categories, collect you favorite to a cart and then checkout using a buy button and get your products shipped within days or weeks to your door or you local mail office.

Ebay is a famous example of these merchant website that can be called as a huge internet market. Going back to our button freebie, all such websites need a design for their cart and checkout button or pay button to be integrated. This special website buy button is a one that you can use in your website or for your clients websites.