Clean free web dividers to separate your content on your website with style.

Today, we present 21 clean and light web separators for web and graphic designers. This huge set of web dividers will allow your to separate different groups and parts of your web designs or graphic designs. Say goodbye to your traditional line separators and choose from these 20+ free dividers. This post can be a continuation of our previous post about web dividers, but this one is bigger and richer. You can differentiate this from those big files that you buy from stock graphic selling websites. This freebie is even bigger and worth more than 10 dollar on those websites, we give it to you for free.

The effects are somehow around the concept of cutting a paper with a cutter, the effect that result from such a cut as the hole that result and the shadows below and under it is what we are playing around in our dividers.


Dark Background version of the dividers below