A set of 44  social network buttons in two states; normal & hover state buttons.

Social network site are increasing day after day, and with every new website coming to live, a new icon is added to the collection of social network icons. All website owners need social network buttons on their websites because they increase traffic. A website without these icons is surely missing something very important and you can even say it is an incomplete website.

Now the problem is not only that we need to add a new button whenever a new network appears, but even more than that. Proffesional web designer often face the problem of those social icons as every one have a different shape and different color. So how can we interpret these icons in our website without damaging the web page design. Today with our little free icons set, we decided to make a consistant shape and color that goes for all websites. No more worry about what social icon design is better for a specific web page or not. Weather the colors fit or not. Black & white or grays in general fits for almost everything, and that is the concept of our free psd social network buttons. Enjoy Downloading the free fully layered psd file. 🙂