A set of two psd pixel perfect icons ; the first is a sign in with facebook button and the second is a sign in with twitter button.

You might have knew that in today’s websites, something new appeared other than the regular default registration or sign in buttons of this website, this new thing is what our freebies is about, a sign-in with facebook & sign-in with twitter buttons, these buttons allow you to register either with facebook if you have a facebook account or with twitter if you have twitter account. Simply the website you are using will collect your facebook or twitter information including your first name, family name, age & son on and use this data as your account information on the website. With this proccess, it will not be necessary to re-write all your information again and again, but rather facebook or twitter will give it to any website that have this feature.

So you’re in the picture now i guess, when designing a website that promote this feature, this freebie provide the nice buttons that can be used. Of course, they are totally customizable. Enjoy

This is another variation of the buttons with a dark background. You can download it from the button below :